Useful resources for SCEA preparation

In this post I will share with you what I use to prepare myself to SCEA exam, part 1. Probably most of you (interested in SCEA) know that resources, but few of them, I think, is not so popular. So here’s my list of resources:

  1. Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for Java EE Study Guide (2nd Edition) – as I wrote before
  2. Whizlabs Prepkit – as I wrote before
  3. 2010 Study guide for sun J2EE 5 architect exam by Mikalai Zaikin, updated in January 2010 by Adel Almoshaigah. It’s huge material, almost 300 pages of information just for part one of exam. Available to download here.
  4. Design patterns flashcards – to help memorize them all. BTW: Quizlet is a great tool, allows you to learn in various ways, make different tests, quizzes and even games based on provided data.
    1. GOF design patterns 
    2. J2EE Design Patterns
  5. Keith Rieck’s SCEA notes 
  6. Jeanne Boyarsky tips – as I wrote before.

Probably my list in time will be extended by this books:

…fortunately what’s better to do at Christmas time than to learn some J2EE patterns :->

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