The Architecture Journal #23

Today I found pretty clever website: It helps to publish and share any text publications in many formats, in particular PDFs and DOCs. I think it’s very nice and user friendly, so I decided to show it to you on my blog. Here you have last issue of The Architecture Journal – magazine from Microsoft.

The Architecture Journal is an independent platform for free thinkers and practitioners of IT architecture. New editions are issued quarterly with articles designed to offer perspective, share knowledge, and help you learn the discipline and pursue the art of IT architecture. The Architecture Journal reaches over 50,000 subscribers worldwide.

Click on the widget and select full-screen. Enjoy.

Still, it’s not the same as paper but it’s pretty neat. It’s very good for browsing PDF-based magazins and other rich in pictuers and colors publications. I think it gives better look & feel than Adobe’s products. Of course I don’t encourage you to read whole issue on issuu 🙂
I personally conver articules to kindle format because my kindle is the best!

PS. I recomend articule about Software Architecture in the Agile Life Cycle

PS2. You can download The Architecture Journal #23 for free from here.

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