Brett King – Bank 2.0: Modality Shift

Very interesting presentation about future of banking. Brett is talking about shift to mobile solutions, that are easier and more convenient for customers.

Right now I’m reading his book Bank 2.0 and I must admit that I like his new, fresh view on banking industry. The real customer orientation I’d say. Right now I get a feeling that in Poland banks are introducing mobile banking for wrong reasons. There is big hype about it and no one really want to be the last one to have it. I think they don’t believe mobile banking will change the way customers interact with banks. Most of them think it’s online banking on smaller screen. Especially for those kind of people this book will be most useful.
I don’t think everything Brett writes will happen in future (some of those things already happened 😉 but he’s very smart guy. So getting to know his ideas and observations definitely will give you broader view on banking.

I’ll share with you more of my thoughts about it when I finish reading it, but I’m pretty sure it’s worth reading. Look at customer reviews at Amazon. Here are paper and Kindle versions.

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